What Dougie is trying to tell you – The 9/11 conspiracy within Twin Peaks

In the third season of Twin Peaks, creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are great again at drawing parallels between their fictional TV-reality and our outside real world. After the show returns from an absence of 25 years, our lead character Dale Cooper has to also return, being locked away for 25 years in a waiting room.
But what does he find when he returns? Not the old nostalgic town of Twin Peaks, where time always seemed to stand still. It’s no longer the television dream of the 90’s. Our hero now finds himself, just like the viewer, in a new modern world of 2017. With unfamiliar characters and locations. Not only that, our hero (like the viewer) now seems to have lost all agency in this new world he doesn’t understand.

In this article I will show you how David Lynch is processing the current world state and wants you, the viewer, to wake up to some specific details about the events of 9/11. The 9/11 part of the analysis is just plain and simply looking at images and scenes that Lynch is presenting to us, and will connect them to what he has said on the topic. I will provide footnotes for all the evidence and provide you with a larger context of what Lynch is doing. Strangely, I haven’t come across this clear reading of the Dougie plot line in relation to the historic date. This will reveal the meaning behind the name Lucky 7, the statue outside, Dougie’s drawings, the insurance conspiracy, Bushnell’s double-down and how Dougie becomes “The arm” of Philip Gerard. Spoilers ahead…

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